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Hot Water Extraction Process

Hot Water ExtractionBallance uses a technique called “hot water extraction” which is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Water is heated to a temperature up to 250°, which not only offers a deeper clean, but kills viruses and bacteria in your carpets as well. We do not “shampoo” your carpet. Improper cleaning leaves a residue which will attract dirt to your carpet faster and cause unwanted wear on carpet fibers.  In addition, our services include  high quality pre-spray that separates the soils from carpet fibers and some spot treatments at no additional charge.  Your carpets and upholstery are left in a clean, neutral state which is healthy for you as well as the carpet and upholstery.

Referral Program

Referral Program


For each new customer you refer to us, you can receive 10% of the customer’s final bill.

You may apply the 10% toward your next cleaning appointment or receive the 10% in cash!

This applies to carpet and upholstery cleaning only.  Other restriction apply.  Call office for more details.